Friday, December 24, 2010

Comic Relief from Snow and Clouds

Just a quick post today. I saw this in Wednesday's paper and thought I would share it, with a short commentary.

Hi & Lois Comic Strip, 12-22-2010
Credit: Brian Walker, Greg Walker, Chance Browne.

First and foremost, use due caution when observing visually with the Sun up. I don't know if snowflakes are "really cool" or not through a telescope, but I know that accidentally viewing the Sun without a filter, even for a second or two, can cause permanent eye damage. Second, of course you can see a star during the day; there is one in plain sight in this strip! The Sun! But again, and this is vitally important so I don't mind repeating it, use proper filters or the projection method to observe the Sun. Finally, Ditto and Dot might enjoy watching the snow fall, but I'm getting sick of seeing it.Sure, it's still fun to play in when I can, but nowadays snow causes more problems for me than it's worth. Snow means clouds, and clouds mean no astronomy for Paulie.

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